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Old 17th July 2019
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There shouldn't be a problem there I don't think, not a big one anyway, with the preamp. A stock API 512c or 3124 is going to be a little pokey around 2K though. I've never been able to recreate this with CAPI preamps for some reason they are very different, even when using API op amps. Must be the transformers I guess.

My favorite 2520 op amp for vocals by far is the GAR AM10 Quad Eight style of op amp. You can simply plug it in and start recording. This has been my main vocal channel for at least a year now I believe, since I sold my SCA N72.

The AM10 op amp is a little more phat and smoother in the mids. The brightness is more toward the top end. It's hard to describe but I love the sound on voice. Sort of similar to a Pacifica or P1 from A Designs I think. Their pres are based around a similar op amp, and fairly similar transformers. I've never had the chance to compare them side by side though.