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Not much has change in the way of workflow since this thread was started, basically FL's workflow has been stagnant for many years. Most of the updates are a distraction from the fact that the core of the application isn't seeing any significant improvement. I don't even know why they bother to code free instrument plugins like FLEX (delivered recently), when the following have sucked for years and still suck:
  • Window management
  • Browser
  • Large arrangement management (e.g. no folder tracks)
  • Color selection
  • Renaming clips in playlist
  • Snap to grid
  • No way to tell which parameters an automation clip is linked to
  • ... and more

FL does some things very well but the UX is very messy and inconsistent across the board. Every update fails to deliver on the promise of a better UX and I'm reaching now considering other options, not that they other options are perfect either. It's just that Bitwig seems to be going in the direction I'd like FL to go, at a much faster pace.
This isn't an attack btw - just an observation:
Yep window management and browsing is still not great.
You can group tracks in arrangement mode (and you can group channels) and collapse/expand them.
You can colour song tracks, channels, mixer channels etc.. not sure what you mean by color selection.
You can rename clips in the song mode playlists.
FL has always had extremely robust snapping...?
Automation clips have the name of the parameter, but sometimes it can be cryptic.

They recently introduced instrument tracks so a generator (sampler/synth/whatever) channel can now 'own' a mixer channel, which was one of my my main issues because of the over-modularity.

My main gripe with fl studio is it takes forever to lay out a song structure oh and sample management is AWFUL. The plugin database is still a bit of a mess but it's getting better.

I'm not sure how one couldn't get along with FL Studio unless they were used to another DAW, because definitely it is its own beast, but a super powerful flexible beast.