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There are only a few AAX-DSP reverbs made now and they are all from Avid and included in the collection you get. All others are AAX native. And if your system can't handle native reverbs while tracking, time to get a new computer. Even 8 year old computers can handle that.

As for delays, there are options out there and none of them are taxing on computers.

As for UAD, the problem is how UAD has to integrate as an outside processor. It has to go through 2 buffers to send signal and return signal back into the DAW. Not good for tracking unless using an Apollo where you can do use them before the signal gets to the DAW. UAD plugins are generally only good for mixing and not tracking.

Update: just thought of one AAX-DSP reverb not made by Avid: Sonnox Oxford Reverb.
Yeah maybe so about the computer ! It can handle it but I have to set the HW buffer high. Not always the greatest thing. I have a 2012 Tower 2 x 2.4 GHz 6-Core. Its odd that ever since I upgraded to HDX these issues started. TDM was far better for me and everyone else apparently.