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- There was apparently a problem with the internal limiter that it activated “too early” but I don’t think it will be too much of a problem because I work & listen at normal conversation levels.

- I don’t know how I didn’t notice but there also has been a change on the woofer but it seems to only be a cosmetic change of the surround of the membrane.
Above was from the very early version...probably just the first year only. Can't remember exactly, but I thought these were addressed within maybe the first 6-9 months of production, so there will be very few of them out there.

In fact, I think the woofer surround cosmetic change never even made it to retail, it was changed before mass production, but they still had press pics of the old design being used/shared, etc. And/or press Opals used for magazine reviews, etc.

Also, it would have been on the Beryllium only any OEM aluminum tweeted Opals would not be affected of course.

Now, there were Beryllium versions that had the fixed limiter of course (I have a pair), but there aren't many out there compared to the Alum versions (I think?).

- Also it was said that the Beryllium tweeter blew quite often/early and had to be replaced. That also doesn’t really concern me as I’m considering to buy a well “burnt-in” pair which is approx. 5 years old and apparently never had problems in that regard.
Hmmm....I don't remember it being such a systemic issue, though there were some who had blown the tweeter.