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Mate, IMHO, if there were any real-world-use differences in the behaviour and tonal qualities of the various builds, Rode / Event would have stated so, if by no other way than the frequency-response spec's in the manual.

The reason you hear the question as to what differences there are "so much" is, IMHO, because there aren't any. If there were obvious differences, we'd all have known about them years ago.

Further to this, Rode would've been shooting itself in the foot if it couldn't have found a way to utilise alternative elements / compounds / physical designs (such as the woofer surround) without compromising the behavioural and tonal consistencies of the product throughout its lifespan. After all, it's only ever been one model, not the MkII, MkIII and so on.

Just MHO based on logic. So bottom line according to this line of reasoning would be that if there were any differences, which scientifically-speaking there obviously would be, they must be negligible and not relevant in the "real world". On a test bench hooked up to specialised measuring equipment, of course there'd be differences, just as they'd exist between any two units, even from the same batch, but again, in the real world? I wouldn't give it a second thought.