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Here for the gear

Yea Flea, I also saw that somewhere online but couldn’t find any hard evidence or source to back up that quite extraordinary claim about Fukushima. Here the first time I found it being mentioned anywhere: New Event Opal Monitors - not your regular speakers

Here another comment, but from Event (Rode) themselves on that topic: New Event Opal Monitors - not your regular speakers following an interesting comments from user FocalPro:
New Event Opal Monitors - not your regular speakers
New Event Opal Monitors - not your regular speakers

@Ty Thanks I tried my best at those late hours but since I never really actively wrote on forums in my life, I already almost finished the initial post, did something else, reopened my browser for some reason and lost all the text and I had to rewrite my “case” while it was getting quite late in Europe. So I was still missing a some bits of research.

That’s why I did some deeper digging and, through anecdotal accounts (mostly on Gearslutz), put together some plausible theories about what’s going on and further potential issues with the initial Opals:

- There was apparently a problem with the internal limiter that it activated “too early” but I don’t think it will be too much of a problem because I work & listen at normal conversation levels.
- Also it was said that the Beryllium tweeter blew quite often/early and had to be replaced. That also doesn’t really concern me as I’m considering to buy a well “burnt-in” pair which is approx. 5 years old and apparently never had problems in that regard.
- I don’t know how I didn’t notice but there also has been a change on the woofer but it seems to only be a cosmetic change of the surround of the membrane.
- Some models had a voltage selector whilst others are factory fixed (can’t really tell which is newer)
- Some have a three pin IEC, some two pin with the earth removed to prevent ground loop issues (again, it’s not known which is newer)

Another thing is that they kind of seem to be discontinued as to seen on Sweetwater:

A little bonus conspiracy theory: In the following video from 2009 you can firstly see the initial version but at 0:19 they show the one with the aluminium tweeter, what the hell is going on?!?

I also found this Thread which is only about this topic in general but not a lot of conclusive information: Event Opals - does anyone know anything about the different versions/revisions?