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Do you think we should poke Roger with the idea of a podium style, short gooseneck version of the CM4, perhaps a 30cm extension between capsule and body? I might be wrong but since the element is an Electret, there shouldn't be major issues with the capsule being separated from the head amp. It would make the capsule pretty much invisible on stage when placed carefully.
If Roger could package his CM4 into a stand like this, at a sensible price:

....he'd sell a set of 4-8 to every budget-conscious recordist here... who ever had (or still has) ongoing battles with video people or stage managers/hall management about "spot-mic stand visibility"

The hardware involved is not a million miles distant from that made by home lighting stores...even IKEA ! They could be fitted with thin shielded cabling external to the tubing...they wouldn't have to be 'active' (ie internally) wired, like the Schoeps or Sennheiser equivalents.

That is an immediately viable market...just based on GS contributors to this forum alone !

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