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this - and i know plenty of engineers who have no problem mixing on older genelecs, me included - i admit however that i'm using dsp to tweak ALL my speaker's response, even on location recording.

i have a dozen of 1029a's, many of which have been travelling with me for years and sometimes even get used as front fills, shout boxes, become part of installations or form a tiny 7.1.4 setup in one of my studios - besides being robust, it's very useful that they can get mounted on mic stands.

if not using the 1029a's, a single fostex 6301nd serves me well (definitely not as a fullrange speaker though!)

and if i cannot use speakers on location, i'm using an spl phonitor mini to drive my headphones...
Form factor and features/portability of Genelecs are great, but I never liked the sound of the older Genelec line. I was having hopes for the ”Ones” as location speakers.