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Old 16th July 2019
Here for the gear

Dear fellow audio lovers,

this is my first post on this forum and I came here because I'm seriously thinking about getting a Pair of the beloved Opals.
I just noticed a strange thing and that is that there is cosmetically 3 different versions to found online through looking at the tweeter.
Also some have a protective cover on the heat sink and others don't.. (I don't care too much about that though)

So I am wondering how much revisions of this speaker exist and why there is no transparency at this price range.

I also found these differences in the high frequency transducer specs of two documents available on

The Data Sheet states that there is a Beryllium Copper dome with a Neodymium magnet:

And the User Manual states that there is Anodized Aluminium Magnesium dome with a Ferrite magnet:

After reading through the internet it seems that the Beryllium Copper dome was from the initial release which is stated in posts shortly after they came out:

Here the three different Tweeters:

Gold colored tweeter with diffuser (Apparently from the initial release):

Gold colored tweeter

Silver colored tweeter

Can someone please tell me what's going on here and which variant sounds best?

Thank you and greetings from Vienna!