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Not even going to listen but I'll tell you this; every voice is different and its not the quality that matters, it's the delivery.

Also, some people have voices that match different styles traditionally, this can be used to your advantage, or ignored.

It took me a long time to just realize that I'm a baritone, plain and simple. That's what I can do well with my voice. The music I mostly make doesn't typically have a baritone voice when other people do it, but that's fine. I've written songs that have a bit more twang so they go with my voice as a result. Not country, per-se, but leaning in that direction or more like 'influenced by' so that I can write guitar parts and sing pieces that compliment each other. I think if I practiced, I could be a good crooner, but that's not my style right now.

I could never rap. I don't sound sincere when I try. I'm sure if I practiced a lot, I might be able to get something that sounds passable but I don't want to rhyme anyway. If I was really into hip-hop, I'd have to make that choice, try to be as traditional as I can or try to get creative and do a style that's unique to me.

Bob Dylan has a unique voice. If I heard one of his songs for the first time today, I would write him off as a bad singer but since I've been hearing it all my life, it makes sense in context now.

Try different styles, sing like you mean it and don't ever give up.
Thats so true about Dylan!
Did people give you honest feedback about your singing and voice prior to realizing your kind of tone and best genre leanings?