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You failed to explain where the sound came from. They don't produce crunk IN the clubs from Miami and Atlanta -they PLAYED it there; they produced it on the throw-away MPC's in the studios.

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The instruments were irrelevant, mostly. Although, Crunk was carried over from Atlanta Bass B-side/album cuts, which were Atlanta’s version of what Miami was doing. Also, many Miami artists moved to Atlanta.

Crunk mostly started with MPC60s, 3000s, 2000sq and SP-12/1200s, but it could have been made with most anything.

The Memphis Buck music influence was obvious, if you know anything about Memphis’ music scene. Tom Skeemask, 3-6, 8-Ball & MJG, Playa Fly, Al Kapone, etc, were doing “Crunk” a decade before Crunk was a thing.

Early Atlanta Crunk producers often started as Atlanta Bass producers, such as Toomp, Kizzy Rock, Smurf (Collipark), Devastator X and Redd Money. They used various instruments.