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Since my pc has financial data on it in addition to the daw aspect, I wanted to secure against the risk of theft. With my new asus z390 prime, there is a 13 pin tpm plug. I ordered one off amazon. For this mobo, its the tpm-m r2.0. The M designation is for the small, 13 pin, plug while the L designation is for the larger 20 pin plug. Triple check your pin count and the module you are buying.

The tpm allows me to use bitlocker which encrypts the hard drives, and windows secure boot which helps prevent rootkits by requiring signed drivers on boot.

So, just fyi, as there was very little info on this on the web--including the asus website. I have read that a tpm like this will not work in other brands of mobo so keep that in mind. I think tpm is considered an enterprise feature, so presumably handled by whomever a business orders their computers from.