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Originally Posted by Etch-A-Sketch View Post
this is a great real world example of what I'm talking about...

but in this example, WA Productions is the owner of the infringing material and has to resolve the problem with the product and financially compensate Extreme for the violation.

The way splice is different... they say they aren't responsible for anything and give the contact info they have for the content creator over to the lawyer. So there is never any incentive for Splice themselves to police and do a "deep dive" check on the product they are selling.

Originally Posted by ohwell View Post
This is absolutely unbelievable and I am 100% convinced of not using samples, other than from clearly reputable places like Heavyocity, like their product Damage for example which I do trust completely.

W.A Production. I just cannot believe how negligent this is. This must be a nightmare. Everyone needs to know about this!

To anyone who read the original legal letter I posted over at Soundloop and didn't think that could happen with Splice, you should probably read this.