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I don't know that kook who wrote that garbage and I have, long ago, blocked him here.

It is laughable that I am churning this thread for publicity, or because I am insecure, or because I don't have any work. I occasionally post for education and fun.

STATUS: Fully booked every day from now until the end of October.
STATUS UPDATE: Doing all the recording at The Ravinia Festival, America's oldest and largest summer music festival.

Ravinia is the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Ravinia looks like a nice gig to have !

Plush (or anyone else): do you have a link to the software that generates the sort of stage plot diagrams shown in your first photo ? I'm guessing it's some sort of drag and drop facility, which also lets you enter stage dimensions, player seating, risers, walkways etc ?

I'm always impressed when I'm given one of these printouts by stage managers, and it helps with plotting out mic locations (and cable length runs, if the diagram is to scale) well ahead of concert date.