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I've teste APS Klasiks extensively last week. Very solid, yet natural & neutral bass (my main studio room is well prepared acoustically though), easy to listen and to mix, very widespread, selective mids, but upper mids ang highs... Yeah, these were the reason I sent them back.

Previously I mixed lots of documentary film/tv work using a pair of Adam A7X, when it came more to music, they seemed not enough in the low end of spectrum, plus they tend to hide the mids significantly (which is a good feature when mixing for tv or cinema - your dialogues will never be inaudible, always upfront and fully expressed).

APS performed better than Adams in the lows and mids, but the upper range was quite unacceptable for me. I lacked clarity, definition, I found them reacting to EQ-ing with some kind of neglect, they made my mixing decisions there hard to make. They weren't too bright, they weren't too dim, they were just weird and unresponsive. Yes, I burned them in for 20+ hours, yes, my room is well treated.

If you like to play things louder, beware, they are more of a quiet type, the bass port chokes easily, too. Make them really nearfield (max 1 meter), this is where they feel best.

Anyway, they let me finish my new, rather complicated and rather bass-oriented (starting around 40 Hz) musical mix, which was quite impossible on Adams.

I returned them and went for Eves SC208 when I heard them in shop. I can still return them, but hope to get really good results. Just in case, I keep my other options like Shape 65 or Hedd Type 07 still open...