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Old 14th July 2019
Lives for gear

My personal aaxdsp must haves:

Metric halo channel strip
Crane song Phoenix
Duy tape
Reverb one
D verb (kinda)
Mcdsp filter bank
Mcdsp compressor bank
Equality (kinda)
Plugin alliance bx eq
Mcdsp ecc 300 delay
Sonnox limiter
Sonnox dynamic eq
Sonnox eq with gml option
Alpha compressor (plugin alliance)
Acme compressor
Mcdsp futbox

Mainly the old Skool stuff we’ve all been using for 10+ years

I guess I could throw in
softube fet comp or mcdsp channel g or sonore distressore and api channel if I absolutely needed those flavors in dsp although I have not used either in years. I haven’t tried mcdsp ultimate channels strip as I thought the ultimate compressors were just ok.

The only plugin that is irreplaceable is cranesong phoenix. There is no plugin in any format that does what it can do.

I don’t know if there is an aax dsp doubler but with all of the above dsp I could easily do an entire mix all dsp...easily.