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Or just turn the volume knob down......[/QUOTE
Yeah, but then you or someone else has to turn it back up again, preferably at the last volume you or someone else had it, which is a "brainer" compared to a "no-brainer." You may also have to turn off the software monitor button -- and turn it back on for the next take. And depending on the rest of your rig and what stage of the recording process you're in, you may still get feedback. If you're tracking all day long, it all adds up.
Then.. depending on the software create a hotkey to turn monitor on or off. It is a very simple fix. Moving on, sorry to derail this.

No new interfaces being tested here. I still think the best interfaces I have come across (for portability and stability) are RME Babyface Pro, UAD Arrow, and Apogee Duet (Latest version)

So if you come across this thread and are reading up to here. I highly suggest those interfaces if you only need a couple of inputs. RME of course takes the cake because of the ADAT input and Stable drivers. I never had one single issue with windows 10 and RME. I have had a couple hiccups with the UAD and Apogee. But, they are still fantastic interfaces!