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Or, be interested in the things that interest you.

Telling someone who is trying to learn that they are wasting their time on the planet (because, let me guess, you never understood theory and you have a huuuuge inferiority complex about it) is a dick move.

I would LOVE to hear some of your non-wasted time songs with all the correct chords? Link please.
Go to the music page on my website:

Hey man, you not only misunderstood
my comments, you reacted with an insult,
which means you had an angry reaction.
No need for insults, I didnt intend to insult

Its cool to dive into chord structures, sure.
In my experience as a songwriter, the last
thing I do is spend time analyzing what I’ve
written. That IS wasting time to me. But
perhaps you are younger than I am (I’m 66)
and believe you have the time to spare. So
go for it in that case.