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I think your room looks very nice. I just recently bought a nice desk for all my recording stuff, I moved the drums to where the floor tom can be seen in one of the below pics. Nevertheless, the bass and the drums go on that little riser which keeps the sound from leaking to the place below. I have found an Auralex gobo which is a bit pricey but has recently come down in price. It is 4x4 which is exactly the size I need in between the drums and the bass.

Other than all that its about getting good levels, making sure the mics are positioned well and then getting a great performance.

I have posted this because our rooms are somewhat similar.
Wow Thanks!

That looks nice.

I moved piano to the right corner to prevent bleed.

Will do short session later tonight and will help some photos and clips as well!!

I do have lots of question but I guess I gotta experiment first, and will come back.