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I found the routing matrix confusing in the MMP, how is the DADmon/ProMon interface? Seems to offer a lot more control.
The MMP is confusing -- too many tabs with irrational names (no standardization) for the same thing. Even the Yamaha guy of LA agreed the terms were confusing.

The DADman/ProMon has a lot of control but I know it can be confusing for some of the more in-depth features (I get calls all the time asking how to do certain things.) Top line functionality (setting up outputs, sources, etc) is very direct and easy to understand. And almost everything is do-able once you grow accustomed to it. And it makes more sense than the MMP.

(One thing I'd like for the MTRX is internal busses to allocate like RME's TotalMix, UAD's console, MOTU's CueMix, etc. Had a situation of a source coming in from another Pro Tools system via MADI into the MTRX. i could assign that incoming signal as a source for a Monitor A but could not send that to the same output as the Main CR output -- outputs can only be used once as destinations in ProMon. So ended up sending that Monitor A to the AES out, looping physically AES out to AES in on the MTRX to create my own "external" bus, then assigning the AES input signal as a source for the Main CR monitor controller so it could go to the main outputs. That way we could have Monitor A, B, C, D receiving input from a second system with easy to manage levels on the S6 monitor knobs. Would have been so much easier if we just had some internal busses inside the MTRX.)

One admission, I had been using a MTRX for over 2 years on my personal setup before one went into this particular room (and cost was the deciding factor for not putting it in until we wasted 2 weeks on the Yamaha and then cost stopped being a factor because we were losing business for the room)

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