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I've mostly used Logic in the past, and I've used Reaper and regular Mixbus a little bit as well. Recently got 32C during the latest sale. Trying to use it as my main DAW for hiphop production--my MIDI needs are fairly minimal, mostly just drawing in 808 basslines, and I mostly work directly with audio samples for all my drums. Loving it! The workflow is really quick and intuitive, and the channel EQ sounds awesome. Polarity optimization is insanely useful, as well as the spill feature.

I will say though, and I know that this has been a recurring complaint amongst Mixbus users, I do get a fair amount of crashes. The vast majority of the time they happen when bypassing and un-bypassing plugins. For ex, if I'm auditioning a few different mix bus compressors (or even just one) and moving between them, I'm very very likely to crash. Auto-save has been reliable and I save constantly so I never really lose any work, but it's still a drag. I've read that v5 is more stable than past versions, but it seems that in my case at least there are still some kinks to work out regarding third party plugins. It doesn't seem like there's any relation to particular plugin companies, more just the act of bypassing and un-bypassing causes something in Mixbus to go haywire.

Overall, though, I'd say it's a fantastic DAW with a lot of great features. Also, I know some people are content to stick with regular Mixbus and don't need the extras in 32C, but for me it's a game changer having two peak bands per channel.