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Hey Pentagon. I am experiencing the same hiss. My monitors were silent with the XMON and now they are just hissing away. I experience the same symptoms - hiss goes away when the MMP is off or doing an update but does not go away when the system is muted (or even muting individual channels or adjusting the trim level on the channels - the hiss remains) and it does not change in level if the master volume is increased or decreased. Wondering if I have a bad unit.

I am using powered ATC monitors as mains and Focals for surrounds. The hiss is present on every speaker and also on two channels sent for headphones, all using analog outs. At the moment I don't have any way to test it via dante or AES.

Would love to hear what you found out during your tests...
I worked extensively with Yamaha to get to the bottom of this and it comes down to that's just how bad the system is. No joke. There are some switches on the motherboard to change the gain (I think it comes as +18 and the switch changes it to +24) which Yamaha Japan thought was the issue. But it wasn't. And I demonstrated it to Yamaha in person and they agreed it was unworkable.

So the unit went back to Yamaha (2 of them in the end.)
There is no fix. It is a bad product if you are using their analogue outs. Yamaha Japan said their engineers would try to work on a firmware fix but couldn't promise a date (and we tried older firmwares and they all had the same problem.)

My advice: get rid of it. It was such a phenomenal waste of time in the end (especially when Yamaha's own people couldn't get it to work without the hiss in Japan or Los Angeles.)

(And of note: the Xmon, a QSC Qsys, the JBL Intonato, and a MTRX had none of these problems in the same room. We ended up going with MTRX + SPQ since it tied in best with the S6)