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Old 13th July 2019
Here for the gear

Hi! I received my klasiks for about 2 weeks now and so far i am very happy with them. They sound very natural, bright but not harsh. My room is not treated but the difference in sound between the klasiks and my old monitors (mackie mr 5 mk2) is huge. In extended mode the go very low but still not boomy. It’s just like a sub is playing with them. But in this mode the midrange lose some definition. Didn’t have the distortion issue at moderate levels (about 80db). No hiss, sitting about 1 meter from them.
I didn’t hear other monitors in this price range so i can’t tell that they are the best or the worst, but i found them to be a very good choice for a “bedroom producer”. I’m enjoying working with them and just listening music. And at least for now, i’m not considering buying a subwoofer to check the lowend. About mix translation: i need more time to get used to them but i can say that it takes me much less time to get a mix done in comparison with my old monitors. With some room treatement i think they will get even better.
Thanks to everyone who helped me make this choice.
Btw the representative of aps in my country was very kind and helpful. Answered all my questions and did a great job to get the monitors to me as fast as possible.