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Old 13th July 2019
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I finally finished a standalone application version of my TR8Skreamer Max for Live device.
This allows you to play the each sample in the TR8S via a midi keyboard - either using Course Tune for 4 Octaves or Tune for 2 octaves, with the later freeing up the Ctrl Knob to be assigned to another parameter.

This means now you don't have to be an Ableton user to be able to use it. And if you have some virtual Midi port software like MIDIOX or something I'm sure you could integrate this with Logic, Reaper FL etc - whatever DAW you use, as the Standalone simply uses any Midi port as input.

Also now you can use your QWERTY keyboard to play too - which I find even easier for some uses.

There is also an update to the previous Max for Live device which allows you to control the Capture note on/off on all instances of the device - which makes it easier to send all 11 instruments pitch data at once in one pass, if you have made a full arrangement in Ableton for example.

Unfortunately at the moment, I have to say it is Mac only - the Windows version is completely untested as of yet, because the Windows machine I borrowed from work to compile the app has it's MIDI/Audio ports disabled and I don't have admin rights! :(

So - if you happen to use both Mac and Windows I'd be VERY curious to find out if the Windows version works!

(The Max for Live device works on both platforms)

Anyway here's a demo -
Skip to 10:37 for the demo, as the first bit is the how-to-install stuff.