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Thanks both of you for input. I am on Fiverr that takes 20% commission fee which seems too high and payments are released only after 2 weeks. I enjoy a high ranking (usually top 10 to top 5) there in the mixing/mastering category with more than enough clients. So I think 8% and fast payment (is it?) seems attractive to me to switch platforms.
Wow. 20% is high. For high-skill craft like ours, that's way too much, unless they're generating $500 plus projects (which of course they're not). Soundbetter is easily much better than that, at the very least!

In the future, I would love it if Soundbetter were to architect their own direct ACH transfer system to eliminate the PayPal fee. That would end up benefiting both Soundbetter and their musicians, in the long run... but I understand creating that infrastructure involves a lot of up-front cost and development headache, so I don't blame them for taking the PayPal route for now.