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You are you, we are not you.

Could you explain how numerous people have an oposite opinion?

Monitors are one of the most subjective pcs of gear in the studio.

That means, they are extremely personal.

And that also means that many don't understand why others (many or few) dislike 'their' monitors-that they have become personally attached to.

All you can really do with forums, reviews and the such is get a guideline of what monitors to check out. It of course helps that one might have already acquired a bit of personal taste---monitors one dislikes or likes and the reasons why. Others with similar tastes can help a little there, but ultimately one has to audition the likely contenders in their own studio (ideal).

Then usually, after living with said choice for a while, one becomes more in tune with it's faults and privileges, and/or has a bit more $$ to hit the next level up. So, wash, rinse and repeat.