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I'd look around for die cast hoops on the toms and snare with floating/isolation mounts for the toms. Maybe a 3pc or 4pc shell kit for around $1500 which leaves $1000 for the rest including perhaps a nice snare drum also with die cast hoops.

Tama has always been at the forefront of drum innovation, fwiw.
Interesting perspective. What styles of music do you typically produce?

I do agree that Tama is a great company, however I find die cast hoops, especially on toms, focus the sound a little too much for certain styles. It's great if you want tight and punchy, but lately what you refer to as "modern" sound has been sort of the opposite of what the projects I have been doing are calling for, it's been more about warm, fat, round, with some overtones.

YMMV, of course.

One kit can't really cover all of that ground, which is why I have a few kits (and a whole bunch of different snare drums) each with their own unique voice.