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I really think getting a "vintage" kit isn't the best idea. Drums have evolved greatly in recent decades. A newer, mid-line kit with nice wood (maple or birch) and much, much better hardware is now available for reasonable prices, especially on the used market. For $2500 I'd look around for die cast hoops on the toms and snare with floating/isolation mounts for the toms. Maybe a 3pc or 4pc shell kit for around $1500 which leaves $1000 for the rest including perhaps a nice snare drum also with die cast hoops.

Just engaged in some serious nostalgia for the past ten minutes. You may consider looking around for a used higher end Tama Starclassic. I really like birch toms and maple kick/snare, just like the purple one I bought new in 1995, and sold to John Doe in Spring 1996 as his first real drum kit. Hits the checkmarks: isolation mounts and die cast hoops on the toms. Modern. Killer sound. High quality drums. Too bad John got the snare stolen after he bought it from me, presumably when he was at University studying drums.

Tama has always been at the forefront of drum innovation, fwiw.