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Weird thing is, I cannot figure out how to cut a simple wave file into parts so I can test the object editing. The T option is disabled. Hopefully I figure it out soon. Edit: ok, I guess it's like I thought, you can only split if you're editing a wave inside a VIP/project file. I guess it makes sense.
Yes, it is... and yes it does make sense. Doubleclicking on a wav-sample opens up an own editor-window. Regarding the object-editor it's kinda insane how many options you have then, plugins of course, sends, fades etc. You can also cut a sample into pieces and then re-group a few samples to edit in groups. I use it a lot when mixing drum-tracks!

btw: You can do shortcuts for anything in SEQ... you can change the standard mouse-pointer to the cut mode by pressing/holding any key (you programmed in the shortcut-tab), very handy!

Working with SEQ/SAM since 20 yrs soon, I once asked for a SEQ/SAM subforum, but nothing ever happened, not even an answer!