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I recall seeing a video that said that the VU meter wasn't really functional, just a gimmick. Cool nonetheless.

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Don't crush muh dreams, mannn
The VU meters are semi-functional, in that they are wired up at a particular stage in the circuit and the needle moves according to the input at that stage, but they are entirely unnecessary for the pedal to function, they don't really give you a "meaningful" readout, and the vintage ones he uses may very well stop working at any point.

But dang they look so cool. Seriously. I love the VU meter on my 432k Rev2. It was an internal struggle to sacrifice the VU meter and go for the mini EFC, but the space I had for it really made the decision in the end. Of course, now I have GAS for the Studio version of the EFC which is just gorgeous (because I've convinced myself I do actually have some space in one of my racks ):