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Yesterday I went shopping for new headphones. I brought my HD600 with me for reference, I wanted to try the Focal Clear and the HD800s.

So I go in, and the seller sets me up with a SPL Phonitor e in USB mode, I first listened with my HD600, I gotta say that thing sounded really good, it opened up my HD600 like I never heard them before. Listening to those 3 headphones through the Phonitor was pretty great.
The redco p2m amp that I have has plenty of power but never got me that feeling of hi-end sound.

This made me wonder how the Hilo would compare, DA and amp wise? It also made me think if I should concentrate more on a really high end monitoring DA and headphone amp instead of choosing an all in one solution. Even though there's a lot of praise for the Hilo I have a hard time believing it's as good as a DA only that cost the same, like a Mytek Brooklyn for example.
the spl phonitor is a tough contender! since getting the mini version, i'm having a hard time listening to any other headphone amp which does not have any sort of (adjustable) crossfeed matrix...