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i dont edit any waves inside there. i normally export or use the project wave files inside adobe audition. I wish they had a way to integrate sound forge editing inside of it since its the same company. I don't think i'll ever leave sequoia. i work so much faster in this then i did in sonar and the best thing i never got one since drop out. sonar was drops out were ridiculous. i used it since for over 20 years exclusively and boy i am kicking my self in the behind for not leaving it behind.

keep in mind there are some things that sequoia is kinda finicky with and prone to crash if you undo/redo while playing the audio engine. I noticed it does not like relab 480 reverb plugin unless i use it in ddmf metaplugin. but sooooo much to love about its workflow i literally feel like i been using it for 20 years already.
Thanks for the feedback... yeah I did read on their support forum that some had issues with certain plugins.

I actually went ahead and got the Pro X4 license, I also got WaveLab Pro. I dunno, they all seem great in their own ways! (plus Pro X4 comes with Sound Forge 11 Pro which brings back memories - I don't see the need to upgrade it to a newer version - WL Pro of course is much nicer overall feeling, but somehow Sound Forge has some default behaviors I'm more comfortable with)

All these darned DAWs! Why can't they just all merge! (well that wouldn't really be good, but you know what I mean) It's funny because I finally got around to updating my Studio One - for creating, it's just so easy to use and easy to look at. But even just starting a project, at 64 samples, it's easy to get some crackles going. Whereas Cubase can go pretty far at that setting, and I am sure Samplitude can also.

I really didn't need Samplitude, and even though I did demo it for a few hours, I am still feeling overwhelmed looking at it. I need to watch more KrazNet and follow along in realtime I guess to get a better feel for it. Maybe I'll just save it for times that I want to do an object-oriented workflow, I don't know. I am realizing the MIDI editor really isn't that great, unless I am missing stuff on it still. (I probably am!) But then other stuff like the layouts, not just for the whole interface but just for the meters tab, it's pretty deep!