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Boy, I am lucky, no one has flamed me yet! Just wanted to stop by and add, after playing with Samplitude Pro X4 demo again a bit (and forgetting the initial issues I had even getting the mouse to work), I must say, it looks and "feels" very good overall. I didn't think "docking" setups could get any more evolved but it does seem much more flexible than Cubase/Studio One/Bitwig.

The way you can either have wave files/projects as tabs or one above the other - that's pretty insane!

IF anyone still follows this thread - do you pretty much use it as your wave editor also? Was about to pull the trigger on WaveLab Pro, but have some time before sale is over. Maybe if I can get a used copy of Samplitude and upgrade to X4, that will satisfy my needs for now... hmmm.

I see it has mix saves too, I wonder if it's as good as Cubase's... so there WAS another DAW that had it before Cubase! I knew there must be.

Weird thing is, I cannot figure out how to cut a simple wave file into parts so I can test the object editing. The T option is disabled. Hopefully I figure it out soon. Edit: ok, I guess it's like I thought, you can only split if you're editing a wave inside a VIP/project file. I guess it makes sense.
i dont edit any waves inside there. i normally export or use the project wave files inside adobe audition. I wish they had a way to integrate sound forge editing inside of it since its the same company. I don't think i'll ever leave sequoia. i work so much faster in this then i did in sonar and the best thing i never got one since drop out. sonar was drops out were ridiculous. i used it since for over 20 years exclusively and boy i am kicking my self in the behind for not leaving it behind.

keep in mind there are some things that sequoia is kinda finicky with and prone to crash if you undo/redo while playing the audio engine. I noticed it does not like relab 480 reverb plugin unless i use it in ddmf metaplugin. but sooooo much to love about its workflow i literally feel like i been using it for 20 years already.