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Here for the gear

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Almost (if not) all sample lib EULAs state that you can not use loops that are completely exposed; that they must be used with other instr.

From the HY EULA:

Loops (continuous repeating compositions that contain only a combination of modified Samples) must be used in a musical context with at least two other instruments or loops that contribute significantly to the composition. The Loop may be an element, but not the entire composition.

The loop(s) however, can be identifiable. As in you can pick out a loop from xyz sample lib co. That does not get one into trouble.

It can be troublesome if a content id system id's a cue incorrectly, but if there are other unique musical elements in unison with the loop, that should, in theory anyway, not be an issue.

Great, lucid post, Jeff. You are absolutely right. However, I think this whole loops thing has got to be the most ******** thing ever. I can understand that samples/loops that are used in songs can have additional instruments added to it. But, as stated in my earlier post, Splice also offers loops very specifically geared towards use in movies. Those loops are perfect in and of themselves- for use in movies. If one HAD to add more instruments to it, simply to satisfy the terms of agreement, one would only mess up those great sounding loops.
My post (COMPOSERS: DO NOT USE SPLICE [Public Service Announcement]) gave a good example:

They market samples for use in movies...but UNLESS you add another, additional sound to such samples/loops you can NOT use them in a movie. How does this make any sense?
This is akin to going to a store that sells milk and when you buy it they tell you 'you can use it/drink it...but not by itself. You have to add cocoa powder to it...or chocolate syrup because otherwise you'd be using our milk 'in isolation' which is against our terms.
What am I getting wrong here?

And yes, Splice (and similar libraries') loops and samples are most definitely being used by indie film makers in movies. I thought that was the whole point of Splice- using offered cues and samples in music and movies.

The terms of agreement/terms of use of sample loops basically dictate that you have to add something to the loop you want to use (in a movie). It is like taking a perfectly painted house and HAVING to add some blots of red paint to it in some places, just to be 'safe'- and in the process ruining the perfect paint job. That is just plain nonsense and a stupid clause.

Also: if that is the case, how come nobody ever started a sample loop library service where all loops really can be used any way anyone wants, royalty free and with the composers agreeing that their samples can be used any way the library/ customers of the library sees fit, without the chance of filing any legal action? That would be a gap in the market; guaranteed headache free sample loops.