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Worth mentioning (again) that composers can find themselves in trouble if they use identifiable loops from any source, not just Splice.
Almost (if not) all sample lib EULAs state that you can not use loops that are completely exposed; that they must be used with other instr.

From the HY EULA:

Loops (continuous repeating compositions that contain only a combination of modified Samples) must be used in a musical context with at least two other instruments or loops that contribute significantly to the composition. The Loop may be an element, but not the entire composition.

The loop(s) however, can be identifiable. As in you can pick out a loop from xyz sample lib co. That does not get one into trouble.

It can be troublesome if a content id system id's a cue incorrectly, but if there are other unique musical elements in unison with the loop, that should, in theory anyway, not be an issue.