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I've been going "belt and suspenders" on my Mixpre-6 with both the Anker Powercore and the 4xAA sled. I tried pulling the cable a few times and experienced no glitches, same thing using the AC supply plus sled. For the 2018-2019 season I left the AC supply at home - so much easier just hooking up the Powercore and not having to hunt for an AC receptacle!
I was just thinking about redundant power last night.... I'm really excited. This seems like a really reliable mobile/live recorder, only thing that could go wrong I'm thinking would be some kind of SD card failure. In which case maybe streaming to a laptop DAW as a redundant data capture might be a good idea.

In a matter of hours I'll be getting my Mix Pre 6 I'm very excited. The Anker Powercore+ USB-C just showed up and is charging!