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Great thread. I'm getting a MixPre 6 this coming week. This helps me a lot with navigating the power "issues." I'm starting off with an Anker Powercore+ but we'll see where I go from there, I'm thinking the L mount option sounds good to me, although expensive once the Sony parts are purchased (batteries and charger).

Might buy some Eneloop batteries just for "quickies" or something since it comes with the 4AA sled in the box.
I've been going "belt and suspenders" on my Mixpre-6 with both the Anker Powercore and the 4xAA sled. I tried pulling the cable a few times and experienced no glitches, same thing using the AC supply plus sled. For the 2018-2019 season I left the AC supply at home - so much easier just hooking up the Powercore and not having to hunt for an AC receptacle!