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Re: "vintage" converters

Originally posted by CrazyBeast
Here's a strange thing I've been wondering about recently.
with this)

3. Another personal example here- I'm working on a second project for an acoustic, folky type thing. The first CD was done on a (don't laugh) VS1680! This new one is being done in Pro Tools, Lucid/HEDD converters, blah, blah blah, and to be honest sometimes I miss the grainier, hazier in the lower mids quality that the converters on the 1680 seemed to give! Everyone that heard the first CD thought it was done on tape, bar none, and I'm wondering if we'll get the same response this time?

Well people like the sound of tape because of how it DISTORTS. As Fletcher implied, A/D converters aren't supposed to distort, they're supposed to be sonically passive.

Come 2012 when 492MHz 192kilobit converters cost $800, I -might- purchase a vintage Prism Dream converter if it were $30. I don't feel though, that digital distortion is as universally pleasant on material as primo analog distortion. Come 2012, when analog tape will solely be used as a distortion machine, I'm sure that they'll still cost the same as they do now, if not more.

The above of course, assumes that there's no apocolypse/nuclear/alien/viral/asteroid doom.