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I was going to post a similar question a couple of weeks ago called "Ear Bias Anyone?"

I tend to favour - or I should say, my left ear "seems" to hear things better than my right ear (not by a huge amount). I think I've always had this issue - so perhaps it is a bias.

I'm not doing live mix, but mixdowns in the DAW, and I usually rely on the metering anyway. I mostly mix on headphones.

The bizarre thing is, I was recently working on a mix thinking about this issue, so I flipped the headphones around (R/L) and was astonished at the pleasant difference! The mix sounded clearer, better balanced and had a wider sound stage - weird!!...

Maybe I was just used to the sound the other way and it was good to have a change? I wonder if people have a "mental bias" as well as a "physical" one?

Regardless, it's always a good idea to get your "tools of trade" checked by a professional once in a while. I had my ears cleaned out properly around 3 months ago after an ear infection. Not the bacterial type, but the much more pleasant fungal type...yum...yummmmmm...

I do wonder if people have a "mental bias" to ear preference though.