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...i couldn't care less though: i regularly get to use various tlm103's (manufactured ca. 20 years apart); with multiple mics spread over the entire stage for all sorts of instruments, i cannot notice much of a difference (if any at all).

based on some comments, i measured fr response of randomly picked tlm103's though - and guess what: they are no further apart than many other older mics i get to use (such as md441, md421, re20, km83/84/85 etc.)!

some folks are always trying to make a big fuzz out of nothing (but possibly don't even use these mics)...

[the most noticeable difference i measured is between two equally well maintained u67's: upon hearing them on any source, one cannot believe that these are two nearly identical mics (with serial numbers very close btw) - i just labelled them 'red' and 'blue' and let musicians choose :-)]