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Yes, “splicing” a project (a collaborative reworking) is completely different from Splice sounds. The point is, various labels sample libraries are/were (until recently) part of Splice, so the warning remains. WA are not a small operation either. Once it happens, you’re in a potentially bad situation.

I was reading this thread earlier this week, thinking the same thing as you probably. That first, people are confusing two different aspects of Splice, and secondly, exaggerating the potential issues with using Splice sounds, or any other libraries.

My point of view has changed, I received that letter this morning.

Yes, the thread is about Splice, but there is no difference. Any of those WA libraries could have just as easily been available on Splice, as many others are. As someone mentioned, Splice is like the or Walmart 3rd party marketplace to some degree (in terms of distribution).

I have no issue with Splice being singled out specifically, as they are one of the biggest players in the sale of sample libraries. The basic premise of the thread applies to others as well as Splice.
No. I disagree. The basic premise of this thread is wrong. First Etch was *rightfully* calling out poor wording in the EULA...WHICH has been since updated, thanks to the hard work of folks on this thread including Etch.

*THEN* despite the derivative work clause being cleared up, the thread derailed into "Splice is just random users uploading their content, so still don't use it!". But that is wrong also.

Now, we are evolving to "All Sample Libraries are bad because WA made a mistake".

No. Just no. The title of this thread is in big bold caps: "COMPOSERS: DO NOT USE SPLICE [Public Service Announcement]" but now we're saying since a single library screwed up (not even on Splice), we still will use Splice as a martyr because it's so large and popular?

Come on. This is just silly. Splice is used by millions of people. This is just fear-mongering at this point. The thread served it's original purpose and called out a real problem with the EULA, but now that that's been fixed, the piling-on against Splice is continuing - not based on fact or any actual issue now.

We can do better as a community here.