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I can pretty much guarantee you that Etch understands the situation, and is intimately involved with real longstanding companies who are having to legally sift thru the wreckage. He's not some dude in his bedroom with a laptop making beats who wants Splice to be "OK" to use.

Although WTH, for all I know he may very well be banging it out in his bedroom late at night. But during the days, he does also have one of the largest still functioning studio's in LA - which is focused mostly on Library music, and he is intimately involved in music clearance and producing hundreds of tracks a year. Not to mention a writer as well.

Hell, what is it that Etch DOESN'T do? That's the question I want answered!!!
I know who Etch is, and I respect his work and contribution greatly. No disrespect. But he's misinformed.

Splice Sounds and Splice Community are two different things. He is conflating them in his replies throughout this thread. That is wrong. They are fundamentally different.

Using Splice Sounds is the same as using Loopmasters or any other "legacy" Sample CD library. Period.

Splice Community is very different, but when people talk about using Splice, the *are not* talking about Splice Community.

All of what Etch says *totally* applies to Splice Community, but that's not the point.

To be more accurate, Etch should make it clear when his comments apply to Community vs. Sounds. 99% of producers are only exposed to and use the "Sounds" part of Splice. Calling out the risks of using Community content is fine, but to mix in Sounds causes undue fear/uncertainty/doubt.