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Yes, you need to say yes that your work contains samples from a Splice. And since it is splice, it would also be good to list the actual creator that made the sample because splice is not really a sample library production company, they are an online marketplace for sample creators. Even their "Splice Sounds" are not really splice, they are still from 3rd parties... they are very similar to a walmart for samples.

As to your 1st question... if you are using a guitar sample from splice, is it ok...

and the answer really is, it depends. How many other guitar parts are in the song? Is the splice loop in the foreground or in the background? Is the splice loop melodic or is it a rhythmic harmony part (i.e. strumming chords)? What other instruments are playing and how many layers does each of those instruments have? Do you have to provide individual instrument mixed stems along with the full mix? And so on...
I think you don’t understand Splice and you’re misrepresenting the risk.

Splice sounds and Splice community are two different things. Everything you say about user generated content and reusing something someone else uploaded is true. But that isn’t Splice Sounds. Splice sounds are not user generated content.

When you download and use a sample from Splice sounds, that is *not* from a random “sample creator” that uploaded a random sample they found or created.

You are confusing the “upload your tracks to share and remix” part (Community) of Splice with Splice Sounds.

When people talk about using Splice, they aren’t talking about using the remixed community tracks.

There is no “upload your own sample to splice for others to download and use” feature in Splice.