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I am not scared.

Which is good, because I'm scared enough for both of us. I sincerely hope all my calculations, research and numbers crunching turns out completely wrong!!! I'm hoping that google, youtube, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and all their type turn out to be humanitarian organizations with musician centric agendas that love and support us and bless us with a meager living.

Cause looking at my calculated and verifiable 94% decrease in long term once sustainable royalties for stuff going over to the streamers is kinda harshing my groove. I mean hell, I'm willing to say that there's a mistake in my calculations and believe that I'm only losing 80% of my income. But hey....

I'm probably just imagining things. Right? Riiiiight. Ok. Better now....

But one thing that worries me is that I keep seeing this huge smelly longhaired thing lurking in the shadows of the room we call an "industry". I checked his nametag when he came out for a drink..... It said something like "Mr. Streaming" on it.... I couldn't get too close though.....

Maybe you have insight?

PS - I have no idea what this has to do with splice, but there are enough red flags that I'd just look elsewhere.