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Hi there!

I'm really not sure about which series I got. I didn't pay attention too much with serial numbers, sadly.
My pair comes from , a shop from the Netherlands.
Probably they are also able to tell you something about the Klasiks and their production series. They even tested my current pair before they sent it to me. I'd suggest you write to them.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by Maciekkk123 View Post
Hi Ajdeboer, I'm about to order APS Klasiks and as I live in Dublin, Ireland, (where we have no APS monitors) I'll have to order them from some other European country - What is your "production series"?

or how to check it that it will be from "different production series", so I will save my self from hassle of sending Pair of Speakers back and forth across the sea and pay for it..

also where did you get (shop name and country) the working correctly pair of APS Klasiks?