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The 80's aren't renowned for "warm analog"

When people think "80's sound," they think of 12-bit samplers, 12-bit DX7 mrk1
sounds and DCO Juno 106, JX-8P, synths mostly.

There is also a lot of PTSD dating from 1985 when major labels and acts started to release the first "Digitally recorded" LP's.....They sounded like complete ass in case you don't recall..

...Think KISS "Crazy Nights", The Rolling Stones "Steel Wheels", Billy Idol "Whiplash Smile" (Sounds so bad next to Rebel Yell, it's not even funny)

The Billy Idol records mark a monumental difference in Pre and Post 1985 records.

One was a pleasant mix of low-fi digital and analog, the other was a soul-grinding dirge of 16-bit CRAP.

So personally, I don't think the '80s should ever be referred to as a single decade, and 80's nostalgia is almost ALWAYS for the pre 85' era
Since you are an expert analyst on the 80s decade maybe you can refer me to someone who produced before 85?