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Once again I am glad you have taken delight in the Quantum. And I will not try and take it away from you. That said, many of the virtues you describe -- daisy chaining, good headphone section, acceptable live latency, sorting out recording drivers from Windows audio drivers with minimal intervention, and so on were not exactly invented by Presonus and brought to market with the Quantum. And RME is not the only company that's been delivering good Windows performance for some time.

So by all means keep enjoying your new interface getting out of the way of you making the music you want to make even though that ability has been available on the Windows side for some time ... albeit not at a block size of 16. Are you using the word "block" interchangeably with "buffer?" A buffer size of 16 would certainly be impressive if that is accurate. That would be new and different.
I'm no expert on latencies and drivers and ASIO buffers and RTL etc etc... the whole thing is just annoying when all you want to do is have something that just works, you know, I'm a musician first and foremost, we just want to get our sound into the computer and stored as transparent as possible with next to no noise and a great dynamic range so we can then do our magic to it with an army of VST FX plugins...

With the FX chains it is absolutely beautiful now to be able to hear everything in realtime without any crackling sounds... and we do

@ troggg - I've attached the image of where it says block size 16... I really have no clue what the difference is. As a consumer, at the end of the day, realtime FX with a whole lot of plugins was the intention (distributed across tracks). Indeed there are other interfaces which do it too, that was never in question, but some you end up paying silly money for, and with some interfaces as we added more plugins the crackling would start. That hasn't happened with the Quantum thus far, I'm happy, it does exactly what everyone said it does. ps. it looks rather pretty on the edge of my desk
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