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Here for the gear

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Just what was so vexing?
RME = some pretty serious time-proven skills and experience with windows driver development and workarounds for typical massive microsoft beartraps (from what I can gather)

The rest = trying to release products out the door as quick as possible to grab the easiest chunk of market, ie mac... once the money rolls in they invest in pushing devices onto the windows platform... or by the time they get round to it with beta/alpha drivers, the product is end-of-life and they've moved onto the next big 'money' making device and the above cycle repeats...

One would expect better from the likes of Steinberg to be frank... with their huge infrastructure and whatnot... If I was to have a guess, the majority home studios are running off mac laptops these days, and Microsoft just doesn't make it easy for all the hardware manufacturers, especially considering all their updates generally break something here and there, dont forget they broke DTS 5.1 and took nearly 7 months was it? to fix? a few releases back.

Point being, I blame microsoft first. Hardware manufacturers second for not investing in the brightest driver gurus, no disrespect to anyone, but driver coders of high-calibre are from what I have gathered very difficult to come by.

ps. I went with Quantum because Presonus don't treat Windows based studios as the lesser market and their support forum is very helpful, plus their products tend to stick around for a long time, always a good thing, aka RME.

I'm no expert, all IMO, just my thoughts.