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Old 8th July 2019
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Calling all lyricists

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a song and would love to find some good lyricists to help me out a bit. The song is not commercial, it’s just for a bit of fun really, started it a couple days ago and am eager to finish it.

I have wrote all the music and vocal melodies as well as some of the lyrics but am just having the hardest time filling in the blanks. I’m not 100% fixed on all the lyrics so if you have better suggestions I’m more than open to them.

I have a demo recorded with what little lyrics I have and also a version with an acoustic guitar playing the vocal melodies and harmonies. Demo has acoustic guitars, drums, bass, keys, percussion and vox.

The song is about really liking someone but rarely seeing them, not wanting the moments to end when you finally do. Really wanting someone but knowing you can’t have them.

If this is something you might be interested in helping with please send me a dm and I’ll email all the details and tracks.

Hopefully this works, it’s been driving me crazy and I’d like to get the song finished before I lose momentum on it.