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Old 8th July 2019
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Boy, I am lucky, no one has flamed me yet! Just wanted to stop by and add, after playing with Samplitude Pro X4 demo again a bit (and forgetting the initial issues I had even getting the mouse to work), I must say, it looks and "feels" very good overall. I didn't think "docking" setups could get any more evolved but it does seem much more flexible than Cubase/Studio One/Bitwig.

The way you can either have wave files/projects as tabs or one above the other - that's pretty insane!

IF anyone still follows this thread - do you pretty much use it as your wave editor also? Was about to pull the trigger on WaveLab Pro, but have some time before sale is over. Maybe if I can get a used copy of Samplitude and upgrade to X4, that will satisfy my needs for now... hmmm.

I see it has mix saves too, I wonder if it's as good as Cubase's... so there WAS another DAW that had it before Cubase! I knew there must be.

Weird thing is, I cannot figure out how to cut a simple wave file into parts so I can test the object editing. The T option is disabled. Hopefully I figure it out soon. Edit: ok, I guess it's like I thought, you can only split if you're editing a wave inside a VIP/project file. I guess it makes sense.